Supporting Logistics with a vision

    Increase the efficiency and quality of your logistic and processes with hands-free wearable technology (Smart Glasses and Smart Watches) and Augmented Reality

  • Smartpick SDK

    Build and Implement your optimized hands-free workflows with Smartpick SDK

  • Hands Free with Wearable Devices

    Working Hands-Free. With wearable technology, you can execute all your logistic and servicing activities 'hands-free'. With smartpick, you can increase your warehouse productivity up to 30% at a low cost.

    No special upfront investments are needed. You cab start with a wireless connection and a link with your back-end systems.

    Learning Fast with Augmented Reality

    Reduce your training cost with Augmented Reality. Supported by Augmented Reality, you can deploy new manpower very fast in complex picking and sorting  processes. The Smart Glasses will guide your personnel in a visual way and are up to speed very fast and they deliver high quality (very low error rate).


    Implement your own logistics workflows, optimized for Augmented Reality and hands-free work. See www.smartpicksdk.com for more information

  • Our Products

    Working Hands-Free. Increase your productivity and quality at a low cost

    Increase productivity and reduce the error rate of your picking processes with smartpick. It is a low cost alternative of voice picking or pick 2 light systems for multi-order picking.

    Achieve a ROI within 6 months when switching to hands-free picking

    Sorting of small packages at high speed, with full traceability is possible with smartsort. Ideal for sorting high volumes of packages in multiples bins, baskets or trucks

    Build and optimize with the smartpick SDK your own hands-free workflows for your logistics processes.

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    Ambassador of entrepreneurship for Ghent, 2015/2018

    Dirk Matheussen (founder of Evolar) is awarded as The Ambassador for Entrepreneurship of Ghent for 2015-2018


    See also the press-release and a small movie for more information (in dutch).


    Awarded by the Belgian business journal Industrie as the "Best Practice in Logistics"


    Selected by Voka as the innovative solution for the 4.0 industrial revolution,  Industry 4.0.

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    Want to know more about smartpick or smartsort. Read about our customers, see how it works. Go to our website: www.smartpick.be

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